Inhabit Luxury Vinyl Plank Bright Umber 9″ x 60″ x 7mm Dehlgren Junction Collection

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Dahlgren Junction is the latest addition and flagship to the  Lineup where Waterproof is literally at its core offering an essential thickness of 7mm, giving the floor great stability, durability and comfort using Inhabit’s ultra quiet UnderTone™ pad.

Dahlgren Junction is our first WaterProof Floor with a layer of Anti-Bacterial coating that goes above the protective layer; preventing the spread of 99.9% of major bacteria which in turn creates a safer home for you.

For realism and visuals, Dahlgren Junction mimics a natural wood floor and is protected with a layer of True Touch Texture™ technology; this gives you a character and feeling of a natural floor while adding a strong protective layer for wear resistance.

Whether you choose to install this in your basement, bathroom or kitchen, Dahlgren Junction can handle anything your home throws at it.

Dahlgren Junction is also a safe floor; going through stringent testing to pass SCS Global’s FloorScore certification.

With this mark, you can put full faith in to Dahlgren Junction being safe for your home.

The Specifications.

Next Generation SPC Flooring

100% waterproof structure

9” width x 60” length x 7mm overall thickness 0.5mm wear layer

80ft x 80ft Max Install Area w/o Transition

Stability with temperature swings of -30°C to +50°C

Embrace silence with BIYORK UnderTone underlayment for maximum comfort

I4F Click System for Easy Install

On, Above or Below Grade Floor

Compatible with radiant heat system

35-year residential + 10-year light commercial wear warranty

Indoor Air Quality Certified: FloorScore

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